Accidental Nest Uncovering

Hi All

While doing some gardening, i have accidentally uncovered what i believe is a blackbird nest with a female nesting in it. 

It was a large patch of Ivy grown over a shaded bench, which turned out to be thicker then what i thought. She wasn't in it at the time, but thankfully i stopped and didn't continue.

When i went down the next day, she was sitting in it. Over the last couple of days, i've checked to see if she is still there from a distance and she is still nesting in it.

The nest is still covered pretty well, though i did make a gap in the overgrowth which is how i saw it.

I want to know, if there is anything i can or should do to help care for this nest, i feel terrible that i didnt look first before!

Thanks for any help!

Steve C

  • Sounds as though she hasn't deserted the nest even though it may be a bit more exposed. I wouldn't do anything - just let her get on with it Don't beat yourself up these things happen - Blackbirds are pretty clever at concealing their nests. Ivy grows fairly quickly so that may help to cover things up.



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  • These things happen. If it were a tree or hedge, I'd have given you a different response! I know how ivy is though. It is one of the blackbird's favourite places for nesting and you'll know for next time.
    If this weather is going to last most of the Summer, there's not a great chance of fledged young anyway. Not seen a young blackbird, robin or any thrush yet this year.
    Ivy grows quickly as you'll know, so based on what you've written, I don't think you'll have reduced the chances of the nest succeeding by much at all.

  • Thanks for your responses both, i'll keep clear but an eye on them. Lesson learnt to check in ivy as well from now on!