A bird in the hand...

Hi everyone, 

Found this wee bird in my garden this morning, just sitting on the step below the patio door. I think it must've hit the window and been stunned. I picked it up and checked it over - it seemed physically ok so I just let it sit, warming on my hand. After ten minutes or so, it suddenly and competently flew off into the trees surrounding my garden.

I had been alerted that something was up by an unusual cacophony of twittering, presumably its parents trying to coax it back to flight.

It's obviously a juvenile, but what species? 

  • Hi Al, I think it's a juvenile Goldcrest - our smallest British bird. Hope the wee thing was alright - it always amazes me how they recover after knocking themselves out.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Thanks Tony,
    That's (tentatively) what I'd thought.
    It certainly seemed fine by the way it flew off.
  • Hi Al, I hope the wee bird will be okay, it is amazing how most recover. The same happened to me last week, I heard the thud on the garage window and on the pavement was a little finch, looking stunned and its eyes were close and breathing quickly. I took it in and put it on a piece of kitchen paper which was on top of a blanket, in the cats cage, covered it with a towel and kept it quiet for half an hour, it soon was hopping about and I released it. Lovely to see.

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  • Also had the same experiences over the years. The first, in fact, with an adult Goldcrest, which I was moving to a quiet spot away from predators when it reanimated, sat on my thumb, and left.