We get a number of regulars to the feeders in our garden - goldfinches, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings, collared doves, wood pigeons, blue tits and robins - but quite a few times I have seen and heard a wren atop a tree in a garden a few houses behind ours. I was wondering if there is anything specific I can do to encourage him/her into our garden? 

I've only ever seen one in our garden hopping about a tomato plant that has since been removed, and that was a while back

Any ideas?

  • Hi Goldfincher, we had a Wren in the garden that nested in the climbing Virginia creeper. You would see it always flitting about the place but can't say I ever saw it on the feeders, or ground eating. You would see it on the fence waiting for the coast to be clear to fly to the nest to feed the babies with their catch. Just looked in Google, they are primarily insect eaters and forage for food in undergrowth and looking in bark on the trees.

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  • As Catlady says they are insectivorous and they won't normally come to ordinary seed or fat feeders. If you have a lot of plants and flowers you may see them hunting in the garden or they can be attracted by putting out live mealworms, etc.


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  • I have 6'x4' square wooden trellis panels fixed to wooden fence to grow climbers up & hang bird feeders on... been there for a long time now & always full of cobwebs, leaf litter & no doubt lots of insects ... this is where I see a Wren foraging & get quite a good long view of it as it moves from square to square ... used to clean it up every so often in pre-birding days but now just leave it alone!


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