All quiet on the bird feeder front

Hi chaps, I came across a very old thread with a similar comment but the month was April (2011). Our feeder has been covered with, mainly sparrows, for weeks and I've been getting through a ton of seed but the last few days have been really quiet, are they keeping busy starting to nest or have they found food elsewhere, it's a bit worrying - though it is saving me some money !
  • Hi Roger it certainly sounds like they have found another food source if nothing has happened in your garden/area to put them off.

    Just keep a small amount of food out in case they return so you don't waste any, I would have thought it would be too early and cold to start thinking about nesting.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks Alan ... two days of absenteeism and this morning it seems things are kind of back to normal ... odd though !

  • In reply to rogertb:

    Good to hear your birds are back.   It does sound, as Alan said, that they had found another food source - maybe somebody put out a lot of stuff which took them a couple of days to eat?  Alternatively, when birds disappear from our garden it often means that somebody is out in a neighbours' garden - or somebody's cat is lurking!   Hope they remain back.

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