Green Parrots in Garden any Squirrelproof feeder?

Hi, I've got Green Parrots which fly wild around the area, and finally they have decided to feed in the garden. They like the nuts! However their beaks are too big for my squirrel-proof nut feeders and so they take to ripping the metal mesh away, thus allowing the squirrels access! Any suggestions?
  • Hello, we sell a nut feeder made from stainless steel, with zinc-alloy ends, to stop RNP and Squirrels destroying the feeder to get to the peanuts. See link below to our shop pages. Hopefully, this will solve the problem for you.

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    Ah, you miss my point... I like the Ring Necked Parakeets and want to feed them without feeding the squirrels.

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    Hi Steve, you can buy baffle domes for above and below so the squirrels can't get past them, can't do a link but look again at the RSPB site. I managed it!!

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    But they state the above feeder is Ring Necked Parakeet proof, that's the opposite to what I want.

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    I'm afraid you're going to be kept frustrated, Steve. The easy answer is as Catlady said. Get a squirrel baffler. You can then have a conveyor belt of non-squirrel proof feeders if that's what you want. You presumably already know RNP's as well as being destructive are invasive non-natives?

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    Invasive... destructive... sounds like humans :)

    I like them, the kids like them, I'll go for a baffle on a normal feeder.

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    steveinuk said:

    Invasive... destructive... sounds like humans :)

    Fair comment. I'd have said it sounds more like grey squirrels as they match, 'invasive', 'destructive' and 'non-native'. They also are shot under license. Not sure where the debate regarding a cull of RNP's has got. As with every other invasive species, it takes UK far too long, and no measures are put in place to limit the spread while people gather evidence. 

    You posted your question on a bird conservation site, rather than a bird food site, which is presumably why the initial response assumed you were wanting to feed on conservation grounds.