Mealworms rejected

Hi everybody!I start a new thread even if the topic has been treated somewhere else, but long time passed since someone posted this question and I wonder if he (it was Roger) solved the problem. I have the same one myself now. This is the situation: balcony, with several hanging feeders, a feeding table and dozens greenfinches and sparrows visiting them regularly. I put the dried mealworms on the table, among the seed mixture into the feeders (whole and slightly chopped) and randomly on the balcony floor. My aim is attracting other species like goldfinches, starlings, blackbirds, tits and black redstarts and since last week martins, all numerous around my house. None of these appeared yet, and the other two species literally avoid them. They stare at them, watch closely, sniff... and simply avoid them. If they find them in the feeders, throw them away :-( Then I soaked them in worm water for half an hour and displayed. No way. Then I soaked them overnight. No way (I even wondered if it makes any difference in taste, because the appearance did not change at all). I am curious but not enough to be tempted to taste them. :-) Anyway, it has been two weeks now. How long am I supposed to wait? Roger, did you succeed at last? Thanks Tiziana