Nesting Blackbird

So the other day I was delighted to find a blackbird had built a nest in a plant next to my lounge window and then yesterday had laid at least two eggs that I could see. She left the nest yesterday evening and I didn't see her return until this morning so she was absent for around 11 hours. She's now sitting quite happily again and I wondered if this is common and she would be laying additional eggs to brood, if the two I had seen were likely to be unfertilised or just won't hatch because they were left? Any ideas would be appreciated!
  • Sorry no one has replied to you Justine. aS far as I know, birds lay an egg each day until they lay their full clutch. They can be left alone, but 11 hours seems a long time, it is when all eggs are laid that she sits to incubate them. Hope you are lucky.

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    thank you for the reply - she's been on pretty much all day now since 8am so everything is crossed and I'm tiptoeing around!

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    l think the only good thing l can say Justine, is at least she is still sitting on the eggs and not now lift them so must think it's worth it and something good will come of it, maybe someone else out here can advise more. yas

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    Thanks for the reply Yas - another egg has appeared and she has barely left it other to pop round the other side of my house for food so here's hoping!

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    Some birds e.g. Owls start sitting on the first egg this results in the young hatching days apart and often the youngest dies.  Most of the small birds start to incubate the clutch when all the eggs have been laid.

    Hens eggs can be kept for a week before incubating and even for a couple of weeks but this does delay hatching by a day or so. That is of course provided the eggs don't get warm enough to start developing getting cool after that will kill them.