Celebrating the Jackdaw

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    Hi Sparrow,

    It is a chimney pot with a lid and there were three jackies in there making a heck of a noise.  I think that one had just been evicted!


    There is something new to learn everyday...


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    Great photos SB, thanks for sharing those. I have to agree with Sparrow, that one does look extremely uncomfortable. Poor bird!

    The necessity of bird-watching is a really good reason for avoiding all forms of housework.

    The dust will still be there tomorrow - the birds may not be!

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    This a great thread. :-)  Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Sparrow, and SB.  Thanks for sharing.  Like so many of the so called "ordinary" birds, jackdaws really are brilliant to look at and fascinating to watch.


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  • Hi Sparrow

     I really enjoyed reading your "Celebrating the Jackdaw", we have about four or five visiting our garden every day and I will be more interested in them now I know a bit more about them.  I will look out tomorrow  to see which ones are paired up. 

    By the way how can you tell which is  the male and female ?



    What a wonderful world :))

  • sparrow

    Great pics!!! (Wish I could use a camera!!! lol) BUT wht great characters those jackdaws are!


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    Very interesting thread. We have Jackdaws, starlings, sparrows, tits, wood pigeons and magpies as regular visitors to our feeders. Everybody, including the Jackdaws clear off when the Magpies come along. Often the Magpies seem less bulky than the Jackdaws - does anybody know if Magpies are routinely above Jackdaws in the pecking order ?

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    I think they could be.  Our local jackdaws are always being chased off by magpies but it's never the other way around.

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