I think I have a pair!


I've been trying for 2 weeks to get a photo of a new visitor to my garden He's a beautiful Bullfinch. I grabbed my camera today and looking through the pictures, it seems he's brought his mate!





  • Hi Cuddicat,

    Wow!!! They are great photos and well worth the wait. It  must have been brilliant to see one so you must have been ecstatic when you saw that he had brought his friend along. I hope they stay around for you for a while now.

    The necessity of bird-watching is a really good reason for avoiding all forms of housework.

    The dust will still be there tomorrow - the birds may not be!

  • Wow Cuddicat, you lucky thing. What an excellent pair of visitors, and well captured on camera.. Lovely pics. You must be delighted. I hope they produce a family for you.

    Cheers, Linda.

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    We sometimes see a pair of bullfinches in the garden, though more often it's just one.  However in 2006 a whole family visited us - the juveniles were on the seed tray beneath the hanging feeders, with the parents keeping watch.  No photo, unfortunately, but here are two of the youngsters on another occasion;




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    Lovely pictures.  You a very lucky to have them. 


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    Lovely photos Cuddicat and Elibee - you are lucky to have them.




  • You must be thrilled to bits to have them. I never even get one visiting let alone having a pair. Mutter, mutter........





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    Lovely photos Cuddicat and Elibee.

    Just to confirm Cuddicat, it is a pair of Bullfinches.

    Regards Buzzard

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  • Hi Cuddicat,

    they are great photo's, i only just had a vist by a male bullfinch, my first one, i'm hoping to see more.

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    I'm chuffed to bits that I managed to get a photo at last :)

    I first saw him a couple of weeks ago when I was in the greenhouse ( without my camera) I looked up and he was sitting on the bushes not 2 feet from me.He actually took my breath away. All these years and he's the first one I've ever seen in real life.

    Over the next few days I spent hours watching for him but that first week I only saw him once more and he was too far away sitting on a branch over the pond. Then last week he started coming to the feeders but everytime I lifted my camera he flew away. Today I managed to get 4 shots before he flew off and it wasn't until I put them onto the computer that I realised he had what looked like a mate on the next branch. I'm so pleased to have it confirmed and will now be on the lookout for any offspring.

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    Congratulations on your new visitors Cuddicat!  Bullfinches are simply a stunning bird, I saw one once on the walkway recently and I stood there stunning...then got really excited, lol!

    I hope they continue to visit and then bring their young with them :o)


    Well caught Elibee, I have never actually seen juveniles, they're pretty even then - some birds (especially pigeons lol) aren't very attractive as juveniles!