Pond plants that spread

What kind of plants can I put in my pond that will grow quikly? Because there is quite a lot of space in and around the pond that needs filling because the bare ground is getting quite foul and slippery.
  • Anything inexpensive :-)  OK, that's a bit obtuse.  Since pond plants have their feet in the water all the time, they tend to grow a bit rampant, which means they're typically plentiful and therefore inexpensive.  I probably have to clear 1/3 to 1/2 of iris plants from my pond each year for example (keep an eye open for free plants in a bucket in front of someone's house, or on a noticeboard at work.  Or ask other pond owners.  Most are likely throwing loads away!).

    Various reeds, Marsh Marigolds, they'll all fill space quickly and cover the edges of the pond


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