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We would love some help, just today finished our pond its only small but fits the bill for wildlife we hope, with a deeper section to prevent freezing and a sloping side onto gravel for an escape/entry route however its looking a little barren the area that is being used for the pond hasnt got much growing apart from a little apple tree, so the question is what would you recommend? We dont plan on adding fish as we would quite like some frogs and the area is mainly shaded so nothing that needs too much sun please We're thinking in and out of the pond planting wise and would like to encourage wildlife and want to keep it native Sorry if I'm asking a bit much here but any help would be appreciated
  • Hi have you any pictures, I have Marsh Marigolds and Iris in my pond. Both grow without difficulty and love the shade but the Lilies did not do well probably not enough sun.

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    I'll upload some pics tomorrow bit tired now we hit sandstone at 40cm in my garden and the extra 20cm was a bit of a killer to be honest. We get sun at the pond for around four hours each day thanks for the suggestions

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    My plants started off in the pond in special baskets weighted down.

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    Hornwort is a good native. Reasonably quick growing and provides refuge for all sorts. Been here since June 2012....pond since August 2012. Yesterday, I accidentally found I had newts. I ran out of rain water, (or should I say the plasterers didn't switch the water butt tap off before all the rain!), so took some water out the full pond to put on the veg, and luckily when done, I had a quick scan for snail's eggs....found a baby newt, which I quickly put back in the pond. Must have been hiding in the hornwort.

    Bog bean would be my marginal plant suggestion that's not already been mentioned. I've also got two types of iris and marsh marigold, plus two water lily plants. I've brought a purple loosestrife with me too. Doing well, but I keep mine in full sun.

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    I would recommend taking at look at www.puddleplants.co.uk/home.php - a good selection, good descriptions and great mail order service.

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    We have a list of pond plants on our website, check out our link here

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