Location, location, location?

How close to a feeder(s) for a nest box is too close? Our nest box is vacant, and has been since we put it up last year. We had a couple of blue tits inspect it on the first day, but since then, nothing. There are feeder on the adjacent fence about 6 feet away, and some to the right of the nest box, as close as maybe 3 feet, but slightly lower down on the garage wall that acts as part of the 'fence' at the bottom of our garden. Should I consider moving the feeders in the hope of increasing our chances? We have a relatively small garden, approx 100sqm


  • Hi Goldfincher, I would say that the feeders are definitely too close to the nest-box so it is highly unlikely birds will select the box to nest in. Feeders are not ideally situated close to a fence or fence-line as they are too easily accessed by would-be predators such as sparrowhawks that will often perch up or cats that can use the fence to access birds on feeder or a box if it is too close to the fence. I would definitely relocate feeders, even if you have to use a free-standing feeder pole to move it away from boundary fences. If your garden is small you could always attach a nest box to the side of your house, preferably positioned roughly north - north east. Good luck and hope you can come up with a solution to keep birds safe and happily feeding.


    Regards, Hazel 

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