bluetits behaviour

Bluetits were in and out of the box but hadnt started a nest ,we touched the box to feel if it was getting water in in this weather and they havent returned.Well they looked then didnt return. IWill they not return once the box is touched? Can others inhabit after theyve been scratching the outside ?

  • Was a bird inside the box when you checked it? I doubt checking a box off season would stop a bird using the box, unless maybe they saw the box being checked and were put off because of that.
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    Thanks for replying. There was no birds inside the box. They hadnt even started to build a nest. Its just that they were hanging from the roof and in and out the day before and nothing sjnce. There are still bluetits on the feeders and around the garden but they dont go to the birdbox. Regards Michelle
  • Can other bluetits inhabit the box? They have been pecking around the entrance hole ?
  • Hello Michelle, it is now that the birds will be investigating the boxes, looking to see which they fancy, flying in and out, inspecting them, pecking around the holes to mark them as such, as they may fancy nesting in it when it is time. They may well start to build in the box, then move on to another one, this is common. I can't see them ignoring the box just because you touched it, after all the boxes have to be handled to removed old nests and clean them out ready for the next years nesting. Good luck.

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    Thank you for your reply but you didnt say whether other birds can use the box once it has been marked, even if they have left it ???? Regards Michelle
  • Yes, if there is a vacant box, any pair can take ownership. By now, the box will be being defended if there is strong interest in it. If there is no bird defending the box now, it's not too late for passing individuals to take it over.
  • Yes Michelle, I would have thought that any bird interested would visit the box, and take it over as theirs.

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