Personal protection in conservation areas.

I dont know whether this is the right place for this question but I'm sure someone will have an idea.

I've seen recently that buffalo have been re-released into the Badlands park, and wolves have also been introduced in several areas in the past few years.

I am wondering whether people are permitted to open carry a firearm in these parks, and what would be the guidelines for their appropriate use, if a worst-case scenario should occur and I encounter an aggressive animal particularly where buffalo/wolves/mooses/bears typically roam. I realize of course it comes down to state law, but even if it is legal to carry, what would the ramifications of shooting a protected animal be? Could you be arrested or charged even if it were in self-defense? Is it advisable to shoot a warning shot to scare them off, or how would you decide that shooting is actually necessary? 

  • Hello Edward

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    Oh dear how sad to read, that poor animals living in their own environment doing what they normally do, and would only become aggressive if protecting maybe their young, or have been antagonised. That they would  then be shot.

    But that is just my personal feelings, I have seen this  LINK and hope it maybe of help. OR you could contact them direct.