How close can nest boxes be?

Hi everyone,

I was given this nest box as a gift at Christmas. I'd like to put it up in the garden now so the birds can get used to it. My garden isn't that big so I'm not sure where to put it? I already have a box in my tree so my question is how close can I put this to my existing box? This new box has a hook to hang it up by, so could I somehow fasten it to my fence which is about 5-6ft tall fence? Would this be high enough off the ground? 

The only other place I can think to put it is to hang it from the shed by a hanging basket hook. The problem with this option is it means it would only be about 6 ft away from the existing box, and also I suppose cats could climb on the shed. 

  • Hi Shelley, what species uses your existing box & what is this one intended for? Some species don't mind being close together & I've seem some a bit like a block of flats. Alan maybe knows?

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    Hi Alan, I've had blue tits in my current box. I'm not sure what the new box I s for the opening looks the same size so I suppose blue tits could use it too. 

  • Hi Shelley.
    Is there any reason you cannot put it on the side of your house, I don't think any of the Tit family like to be too close.
    House Sparrows will nest close together though.
    I think you need to be talking metres apart rather than a few feet (mixing my measurements lol).
    A fence or a shed may not be suitable because they allow Cats to get to them, the box is a cracking bit of work.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Hi Alan, thank you for the replies. The problem is I haven't got anyone to drill me a hole to put on the side of the house and I'm not sure if I'm strong enough! Lol, but I could give it try.
  • I shouldn't attempt it yourself Shelley a box would need to be at least 8 or 9 feet high, but higher the better.

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