Growing climbers through shrubs and trees

Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and really looking forward to chatting to like-minded folks who love birds and other wildlife. I discovered the concept of gardening for wildlife (I wish I had done sooner!) and I'm trying to make my small suburban garden as useful to wildlife as possible. I have some shrubs which have very little value but removing them would be difficult so I thought I'd try growing some flowering climbers through them and I'm hoping to get some advice. Has anybody tried that with success and could recommend good varieties? The worst waste of space are a pink hydrangea and a lemon cypress. Then I have a couple of large choisyas and a Japanese aralia (fatsia japonica). The dark choisya is moderately attractive to pollinators when in flower in spring but for the rest of the year it doesn't contribute much. Aralia is supposed to be good for late season nectar but I've never seen any insects on it and it's also huge. I've done some research on clematis and am thinking of trying some alpinas, recta and heracleifolia, maybe something else. Will it work?

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