Any knowledge please

Hello, I am doing some research and have a few questions about english tree's and there habitats. 1) What birds / animals rely on uk conifers and if so why ( food, shelter etc) ? 2) What tree's did you have in your gardens?
  • The only birds I can think of which have much reliance on conifers are the Capercaillie & Crossbill. The capercaillie uses the needles as a winter food source.  There may be more.

    In general birds evolve to use the resources in their environmental niche as there are only three native conifers - Scots Pine Yew and Juniper it is unlikely many in the UK will rely much on conifers. Trees in my garden: One Birds Cherry Two Silver Birch One Whitebeam Three Hollies One Magnolia The neighbours Cypress hedge which forms a boundary Two ornamental Acers