So here it is, the big one of the year, hopefully half a million of us all taking the time this weekend to count our garden birds.

It's our once-a-year snapshot of the health of the nation's gardens.

And I've got my Coxes and Spartans out and ready to try and ensure I get this beauty back in my garden.

Isn't it stunning? Yes, the snows have pushed the Fieldfares over the Downs and into gardens all around here in Sussex.

I took the photo on Wednesday. I don't have a garden big enough for a lawn, so this is actually on my garage roof where I let a bed of moss grow. It's such a safe place for them to feed up above all the cats below.

Every now and then as you're walking around you hear their loud 'chak chak chak'. It is really distinctive from this winter visitor from Scandinavia.

And then if you get a view like this they're easy to identify - it is a identikit bird, with grey head, dark streaked breast over a warm buff background, white belly, yellow bill, chestnut back and grey rump.

But the bit I like the best? The black chevrons along each side.

May your Big Garden Birdwatch be blessed with Fieldfares too!