I rather over-estimated the speed of my recovery from this labyrinthitis, so it has meant yet more time (and still more to come) away from computers, gently recuperating.

Whenever possible, you'll find me spreadeagled in the sun, gently dozing.

So I've been pleased to see that it has been much the same for wildlife in my garden, such as this Peacock butterfly on a lying log.

It turned out to be a very popular log indeed.

Next up, a Dunnock, beak open, feathers ruffled, leaning into the sun's rays for full effect:

The main idea is that the heat flushes out all sorts of little feather mites and other parasites.

Those pesky bugs can get everywhere, so worth sunning under your wingpits, too

And once the Dunnock was done, a Wren couldn't resist the heat therapy:

Oooh, that feels good.

A little lie down in the spring sunshine - just what the doctor ordered!