So here we are, just over the threshold into 2016, and my thoughts turned to what I need to do in my new garden this year to help save nature.

In fact I made a list, and it got longer and longer until it all became rather daunting. After all, I have a day job to do, too!

I know, I thought, I'll just look back over some of the things I achieved in 2015.

It started with two solid weeks of me directing a team of tree surgeons, ridding the garden of dangerous and fallen leylandii and helping me to get sunshine back into the garden.

I then planted 17 new trees, all chosen to give me more wildlife-friendly variety.

The clear-up of the garden yielded a lorry-load of rubbish...

...and the old, mouldering swimming pool needed emptying before more wildlife drowned in it

I rotavated in order to plant a poppyfield, a quick way to fill an area of bare ground.

All the logs from the tree work were built into what, once covered with spoil from the digging of the new pond, has affectionately become known as The Northern Hills.

Never one to be particularly good with making things, I nevertheless had a go at making wildlife sunbeds...

...putting up bat boxes...

...and making birdbaths.

And areas such as the three oldest apple trees, which I call 'The Three Graces'...

...began to come alive... the 'poppyfield' filled with Corn Marigolds, Corncockle and Corn Chamomile.

It's all been great fun, and I haven't even revealed the new pond, which took from July to December to dig.

You know what? That daunting list of things to do? Bit by bit, chunk by chunk, I reckon we can save nature, and have a darned good time along the way.