In my RSPB day job, I spend a considerable amount of time on trains. And station platforms.

This week I found myself on Pulborough platform with 10 minutes to spare before my journey home. Perfect, because away down the end of the platform I had noticed that the signal box was a riot of colour.

Isn't that fantastic! Here works someone who loves plants!

Now I'm not saying that this is the best planting scheme ever for wildlife. But just by choosing to smother the face of a building in plants, this gardener is guaranteed to be having some beneficial effect.

The trailing nasturtiums are a riot, and will probably be enjoyed by the white butterflies. Above them are the stems of sunflowers, great for bees in flower and then birds for the seeds. And down the bottom are some single-flowered dahlias for bees.

It all means that I can forgive the trailing lobelias and ornamental pansies, which have little use for wildlife. Because, overall, I'd say that this this is both a joy, and an excellent home for wildlife. Brilliant!