Dead baby birds

Im new to this so 'hi' everyone, advice needed please...I went out this morning to put food on the bird table and across the lawn were three dead baby birds that were not properly developed I.e. no feathers,very young, and still slightly transparent if that makes sense. It was really sad to see and even worse to pick them up, still not sure what to do with them? Any ideas why they would be on the lawn, they're not obviously attacked and there's no sign of nest around the garden.
  • It is always sad to find dead birds, especially those that are so young. It does sound like these birds have been removed from their nest. One could suspect a predator, but then where the young not eaten, unless there were disturbed. Young can often be evacuated from a nest by competing adult birds.

  • What awful news.  How terrible for you to find those little birds. My heart goes out to the parents because they dont understand.  Hoperfully like Birdie Wild says they may have another brood.  Fingers crossed.

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    Hey Birdie Wild, well done on your little secret about the stone and the flower on top - thats something I would do too.

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    Thanks everyone, we will have a private burial this evening! They were as you suggested sort of in a line weirdly, maybe neighbours cat.

    On a more cheery note any ideas for attracting something other than sparrows to the bird table?! We don't get a huge variety of birds to the garden, possibly as its quite a built up residential area with not many bird friendly neighbours...I have seed feeders hanging and a table but not much interest.

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    Or some suet products then you will be over run with Starlings as well as Sparrows :-)

    Nowt wrong with Sparrows they are on the red list and their little communities are so wonderful to watch through the year.

    Sunflower hearts have brought both Greenfinch and Goldfinch into the garden now that the breeding season has started the Chaffinches have left like they do ever year.

    A very old Shropshire Lad.

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    Not soft at all we do exactly the same. Our birds are our family to us and it is heartbreaking when something happens to them. This morning we have a baby Blacbird very newly fledged and have been watching him all morning and already named him Ernie! On the subject of attracting different birds we too find that sunflower hearts are favourite with all types of Finches Tits and Sparrows. We are very lucky to have a nursery close to us who sell them by the sackful at a very reasonable price. For anyone in the area it is Springfield Nursery at Oakhanger in Hampshire. Much cheaper than normal garden centres and pet stores

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    We will def invest in sunflower hearts then, thanks for all the advice, I have nothing against sparrows of course, it's lovely watching them en mass in our laurel hedge! :0)

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    I found two cracked wood pigeon eggs on the grass that had fallen out of their nest because of the strong winds last night. Then I found a nest with a dead adult WP in it. Nature is cruel some times...:(

    Aim higher in case you fall short.

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    This morning I found the swallow nest from my stable was on the floor, with babies that had been killed by something. I'm worried about the mum. She was sat on the beams this morning, and then flew off and sat outside the stable looking depressed. Will she be ok? Sounds silly I know but it broke my heart this morning and I can't stop thinking about her.

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    Think the swallow will be ok.  She's probably a little confused, and now only has herself to feed.   No need for her to constantly catch insects on the wing to feed the youngsters.  So she will probably sit out the rest of our summer building up energy to return to warmer climes.   How sad and cruel nature can be.  

    If it's not outdoors it's not worth watching.