Does anyone have Stock Doves in their Garden area?

Hi there

Has anyone have Stock Doves feeding from their feeders at all

They look like a Wood Pigeon but are a little daintier (slimmer should I say LOL) without the white marking around the neck.  They have more iridescent dark green around their neck area.

We have never seen them in our gardens at all until we moved to Bedford - three years ago

They seen to like their own company, and I always see them on their own.

Are they related more to Doves or Pigeons?

They look more like a large Ferrel Pigeon!

Just interested,


Kathy and Dave

  • Mum has a pair regularly visit her garden. As for relations, not sure really! I'd be inclined to say pigeons... They certainly are pretty and dainty little birds!

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    We had one in the garden a couple of times last year but I haven't seen it lately.  Will keep an eye out for it.

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    Hi Blackbird

    We have 2 stock doves that come into the garden - they are more shy than the other pigeons and doves we get.  They tend to sit on the sideline to see what is what before they come into feed.  I haven't seen them for a while but I expect them back when the weather really gets colder.  They are very cute, and as you say dainty.  Also very quick to take flight when startled, even more so than the doves.



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    Hi Blackbird - we have a pair of stock doves that roost in the cowshed in the field at the bottom of our garden and spend most of the day flying from there to our garden for food - they had a nest this year and were very busy taking food to the young but the young never came into the garden at all - they were usually fed out in the field once they'd had left the nest.  The pair take a back seat to the five woodpigeons that feed regularly but are ahead  of the queue when it comes to the collared doves that feed here.  Stock Doves are usually found around farm buildings I think because they like the cereals that are about - when I lived in a wooded area with hillfarm land I didn't see any at all - family wise I should think Marjus is right they are probably more closely related to the woodpigeon (my decision is purely on their looks!)

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    I have had a few in my garden, mostly Autumn to spring, they have very nice red legs.

    They tend to hang around under my seed feeders relying on the messy habits of the sparrows.

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    no, but watching Johnny Kingdom just now,on Blighty, he had them nesting in his owl box,  lol

  • This year is the first time that I have seen stock doves in the garden feeding, in fact there was a pair. .
    As I live in an urban area this was quite a surprise. I have noticed that more "countryside birds" are becoming regular visitors.