Robin's nest in my greenhouse

I have discovered that a robin has made a nest in a small cardboard box on the shelf in my greenhouse, there is normally a robin sitting on the eggs (I managed to see 4 eggs when there was no robin on the nest). They seem happy to ignore me when I water the couple of plants I have in there, there is a pane of glass missing at the back quite high up which seems to give them access and I am making sure that the door is firmly shut at all times so that the local cats don't explore. I have been leaving a small amount of bird seed and water in the greenhouse and I am keeping my distance from the nest so as not to disturb them. Is there anything else I can do or shouldn't do, apart from the obvious of not touching the nest or getting too close. Will they be ok in there with the high temperatures that are possible in the greenhouse? Any advice greatfully received!

  • Hi Courcelette

    I'm sure that the Robin parents will successfully be able to rear their chicks in your greenhouse, as they have free access because of the pane of glass missing. If you think it might get hot in there could you open any windows, or maybe open the door during the hotter times while you are there?

    As long as there is food and water nearby I'm sure they will be fine. The parents might eat the seed, but they will need to forage for insects and caterpillars to feed to their chicks when the eggs hatch.

    Fingers crossed that your Robins produce a nest full of chicks that successfully fledge. :-))

    Best wishes Chris

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    Thanks for the fast response! They certainly seem happy enough again today. I will keep an eye on the temperature and local cats! We are quite lucky in having a large garden with some woodland, and a lake behind us which attracts plenty of birds, but it's lovely to have the robins nesting so close to hand!

  • Hi courcelette

    Welcome to the forum

    How lucky you are to have robins nesting please keep us informed on developments and maybe a few pics?

    Kindest Regards Kimbo

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    Kim S said:

    Hi courcelette

    Welcome to the forum

    How lucky you are to have robins nesting please keep us informed on developments and maybe a few pics?

    Kindest Regards Kimbo

    Of course! My husband is a good photographer and will be cautiously venturing out there tomorrow to take some photos. Our daughter who is an enthusiastic young member of the RSPB has started a 'robin family diary', I will ask her if I can reproduce her entries on here!

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    Just to update - the four eggs I originally saw were in fact 6. We have been keeping an eye on the robins, they seem to be fine with my pottering around the greenhouse occassionally following me around. This afternoon I went in to water the plants to find 6 tiny baby robins in the nest! The parents still seem to be happy with our looking at the nest friom a distance. Really looking forward to seeing the young ones grow! I have a series of photos, how do I add them to the forum?

    Thanks for all the advice.

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    Awww lovely to hear about your robins!  

    To add photos go to "Use rich formatting* (bottom right of the reply box).  This opens up a new reply box and across the top is a little picture icon, click on this and you can upload photos straight from your computer :-)

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    Thanks, I will try to upload some later!

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    Here's a quick picture for now, taken this morning, Mum is getting very tame, nearly sat on my hand today as I put some birds food out in the garden! I think the chicks will be very noisy in a couple of days.

    and here is a short film clip of them on you tube, also from this morning.