Help us with our little seagull


Thank you so much for your help in advance. We are from Turkey. One week ago we found a little seagull in the street that he just could walk. There were no injuries in his wings but he was still too young for flying. We had been watching him for an hour that maybe his parents come. But after seeing the danger to his life we decided to get him to our home. (he was close to hitting by cars a few times and we rescued him from a cat attack).

We've been feeding him and watching him for one week. But now we are really concerned about him. He is on our balcony on the same street we found him. But the roof is short and we don't know how he is going to fly. Besides, there are no parents to encourage him.

One of our biggest concerns is that other seagulls attacked him a few times, so we made a home for him and we have been watching him all day. Please let me know what should we do to make sure he will survive.

Thanks again