Juvenile Moorhen sheltering in our garden.

I have what appears to be a juvenile Moorhen that appeared in our back garden yesterday during terrible weather, its a bit of a surprise as although we're not that far from water (with me walking), I suspect it's been quite the journey for this little bird. I was after some advice on what to do for the best, should I leave it be? It seems healthy enough, I was just worried it had got lost, and with the surrounding area being full of cats/dogs, and local wildlife, I was worried about its survival away from water.

Having read a bit more about them, they seem to be able to travel further than I thought, but I just wanted to put my my mind at rest really that it would be ok, any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

  • It's not really young, it's just not at full maturity yet as the beak is still dark, I haven't attempted to go near it or try to catch it, I've just kept watch and made sure there was food down.

    I feel much better about it today, the weather isn't as bad now and yesterday he seemed far more lively and went for a roam around the garden had a bit of a feed then flew up into the neighbours conifers. This morning there's no sign of it, so hopefully it will continue in that direction and find the woods.

    I suspect it was blown a bit off course or was tired and has taken shelter in our garden, either way I'm happy it was a lot perkier. 

     Thanks for your reply 

  • I thought I'd post an update on my visitor.

    Turns out it never actually went anywhere, something kept waking me up in the middle of the night making noise and I just put it down to the fox, not realising it was my resident Foghorn Leghorn .

    2 days after I posted, it was back in the garden like it owned the place, stayed for a couple more days then disappeared completely from around the 15th Jan.

    We came downstairs getting ready for work on Monday morning and our little friend was back strutting around the garden and having a bath in the water bowl, it seems its decided to stay a while .
  • There is obviously good forage to be found in your garden. Over the years I have had both Moorhen and Water Rail in my garden. It seems been related to their usual areas being disturbed or flooded out, too swampy to adequately feed. I always feel very honoured they consider it a safe place to be

    Cin J

  • I am very lucky where I live, we have lots of different wildlife pass through our garden, especially birds, I just never expected to see a Moorhen. I'm happy now I know its OK and can obviously take care of itself away from the water. I think it's definitely stayed because it's found a decent food source.