Cleaning out. Birdboxes

Hi everyone 

 i usually clean all my hird boxes out this time of year . The house were i live now seems to attract alot more of a variety of birds , one of my birdboxes this year was occupied by tree sparrows , for some reason they built a complete nest then never bothered layyng eggs in it , i can only assume it was because starlings went though a Stage of investigating it which mist  of put the sparriws  off .

 The past few days birds have been attending this box , my question is do i leave the box as it is so birds have a nice  warm roost or shouod i still just empty it and clean it out 

 the nest looks so comfy haha 

  • I'm by no means an expert so maybe wait for more experienced opinions but if there is no faeces or anything in the area then it might be nice for other birds to have a source of free bedding. Maybe the infection risk is still there though so let's see what others say.
  • In reply to Shezkah:

    Yeah it’s something I’m not sure on . I was watching  the tree sparrows at teatime today ,they were going in the nest box with the old tree sparrow nest in and the robin box 

  • It is now that we can clean out the boxes. As we have been having a lot of rain and windy weather, the birds may be using the boxes more just now to keep cosy and dry. I would say it is okay to clean them out now, the birds will settle at in them at darkening, so if you get them done in daylight, emptied and cleaned, they will be dry and ready for the birds at night.

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