Advice needed: Fledging baby blackbird found shivering and not moving in my garden (I have a cat so scared he’s injured it)

Hi everyone 

I have found a baby blackbird not moving and it’s shivering in my back garden. I have read the advice to leave them but I also read somewhere that if they are shivering then something needs to be done so I have no idea what to do! 

Any advice would be helpful please :) 


    If you think that a cat may have damaged it please use the above link - cat scratches and bites carry huge amounts of bacteria and the bird will need antibiotics. If you can pick it up place it on a towel in a box with some water and some food - for a young blackbird you can actually offer a little bit of cat food (not fish based), if you don't have any bird mixes or meal worms, but it really is best if you can get it to a re-habber

    Cin J

  • If it was still being fed by its parents Noushcheshire, it'll have a feeding reflex.

    Try a long pair of tweezers; present food; bird throws back head; place food in bird.

    As Germain says, meat-based cat (or dog) food.

    Also as Germain says, contact a re-habber ASAP. There's standard procedure for suspected cat puncture wounds to birds, antibiotics being part of that.

    Good luck - Dave