Can blackbird pairs split up?


A pair of blackbirds have had their territory in my garden for the past few years now, finally raising their own young this year. I can tell the pair in my garden very distinctively from others, as they are both on the larger size. 
As of a week ago, they have seem to become very aggressive to each other, fighting and squabbling constantly. To the point where I witnessed the female pecking/biting the male. I know blackbirds can mate for life so can they also split up/divorce? Is this normal behaviour? 


  • The most unusual aspect would be having a pair of blackbirds in a garden for a few years. They are short lived, and although they can live quite a long time if kept safe and fed, realistically to have two adults surviving in the same garden for years is unusual (but probably not unheard of). However, if after all this time this is the first successful breeding attempt, for it to be the same pair for years would be unlikely IMO. Even if both survived and stayed together despite never having a successful brood until this year, there's also then an issue of holding onto a territory from rivals.

    Re your adults fighting, I'm only guessing but suspect the female is holding the territory, and what you believed to be the resident male being attacked wasn't. That is only a guess though.