Hole in housemartin nest

I've had housemartins nesting every year above my bedroom window since I moved in 4 years ago.
They've returned and their nest has a hole in the side. I first saw them this season on Friday 7th May, when I saw a bird sat in the nest and the birds flying in and out of it. I was working all weekend and have just checked this morning, the hole  is still there and a bird is sat in the nest.
Will they patch up the hole? They haven't done so over the weekend. I'm terribly worried they'll not bother, and any eggs will fall out.
PS I know my fascia boards/soffits/whatever they called need attention, but I'm ignoring that for now :)
Shall I do anything or leave them to it? Instinct says to leave them.

  • OMG!!! I can't BELIEVE you put your fascia/sofits/whatever on public display like that Loulou!! 

    Leave the nest be, as firstly it's against the law to interfere (even with good intentions) to a nest that is being inhabited, and secondly Martins have been building nests for many many years, and know what they're doing better than we do 

    Feel free to post some suitably socially distanced pics of the comings and goings through the season 

  • That is approx where a GSW broke in, though that hole was a bit smaller. The adults used the nest successfully in subsequent years. It was an artificial martin nest they repaired. As the hole is large, they may find it challenging to successfully patch it up and may choose to just build another one from scratch. I suspect they'll try patching that one though. I've had unrecognisably small patches of mud that have been 'repaired' into fully formed nests. Most years, those that aren't destroyed or taken over by sparrows do stay in one piece long enough for one lot of fledging. Lat year, however, all mud nests ended up collapsing incl repaired ones. All except one that sparrows stole and successfully used.

    To end the long story, I agree with PB. Leave alone and hope for the best. Still early for martins to be getting on with egg laying.
  • Thank you so much!
    As an update, those birds are making a monkey of me as I looked at lunchtime and saw they have started to rebuild the hole with mud lumps! So they have finally cracked on with repairing the walls as soon as I posted here for advice.

    I will keep a photo diary and update here :-)

    My neighbours will wonder what I'm up to leaning backwards out of the window taking photos, but it will keep them entertained.
  • That is prompt for them, esp as you appear to be up in Yorks. Hopefully it will all work out.