Wood pigeon chick

I have just rescued a wood pigeon chick from the ground as it fell from a big tree. It was attacked by a crow who took another chick from the nest. I have tried contacting the local wildlife but not heard anything yet. I have it in a box wrapped up. I have no way of getting it back to the next or it’s mother who is in the tree. What else can I do?

  • If it fell from a coniserable height I'd be surprised if it survives much longer to be honest, and there's nothing you can really do unless you fancy attempting to hand-rear it yourself. Even if you could get it back to the nest it's very likely going to end up Crow lunch. Once Crows find a nest they will usually re-visit in the search of an easy meal.
  • In reply to Mr. B:

    Thank you. I did think the crows would have returned if put back. The chick made it to a rescue in the end so I hope it makes a full recovery and wasn’t too badly injured. I am hopeful the shrubs and bushes below cushioned it’s fall. Thank you for responding. I wouldn’t know where to start for hand rearing so best I don’t try