Bird Feeders and Sterile No Grow Bird Food

In May 2020 I had my garden landscaped, my bird feeder has been re-positioned in almost the same place as before ie in an open space but with my large White Beam tree nearby. Once the garden was finished, which took about three weeks, I purchased some really expensive caged bird feeders - to stop the squirrels etc as well as putting up my old plastic feeders.  Also I decided to buy “no-grow” seed where possible (again very expensive). To my disappointment I have yet again just cleaned out my feeders, many of which were hardly touched. This has been the case ever since the garden was landscaped - wooden planters, shrubs and bushes planted. A lovely rose arch added etc and a very high fence stopping most of the local cats now from frequenting my garden. I am totally puzzled as to why the birds are not coming to my garden, even the starlings and pigeons seem to have gone elsewhere. Has anyone good any idea why or any advice in regards to no-grow seed etc. Thanks.

  • I know caged feeders can be an issue, at least in the short term. However, you said older feeders were still put out too. Biggest question probably is what was replaced in May?
  • I have tried several types of no-mess bird seed.

    One make was never touched, so I I tried an experiment.

    I put down 2 piles of no-mess seed, one of the make which never seemed to get eaten and one of another make.

    After 2 days the pile of seed one was still there untouched, while the other was completely gone.

    Try another make of seed.

    Richard B