Query about pigeons

We've lived in our home for more than 30 years and have been feeding birds for at least 20. In all that time, the only pigeons we ever saw were woodpigeons and collared doves.Then, two years ago, a pair of what I call "city pigeons" - standard stock doves, I guess - appeared, and stayed. Since then, the numbers of stock doves has increased hugely, and we now see only a couple of woodpigeons and almost no collared doves. I know the collared doves and woodpigeons don't interbreed - but I'm wondering if the stock doves have been mating with the woodpigeons and what we're seeing are actually hybrids? Or are the stock doves just crowding the woodpigeons out? This would be very sad. We live in a semi-rural suburb, but only about 5 miles from the centre of a city  (as the crow  - or pigeon - flies; there's a river between us). Any thoughts?