My daughter would like to identify this duck of anyone can help?

Walking along ashton canal earlier, we passed these ducks, they dont have typical mallard colours and she can't find them in her British book of birds, can anybody identify them for her please? Thank you 

  • I have looked in the Britain's Bird Book and the Collins Bird Guide and it could be a Mallard hybrid. I would wait for any other suggestions, There are some top people on this site that know there stuff, I am sure you will get an answer.
  • Hi Misskelly, looks like you have found a flock of what are often called Manky Mallards which are hybrids with various other duck species. Have a look on This will give you lots of info on the various options.


  • I would describe them as domestic mallards. They aren't hybrids in terms of mixing with other species. They've mixed amongst themselves.
  • I would say they're all mallards. The two at the front have a common marking variation you find in male mallards.
    Back left is a bit more unusual but id assume it's a mallard also. It's certainly not a species commonly found in Britain if it isn't.
  • Hi

    as usual I'm with Robbo on this

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