Young pigeon pecks but doesn't eat

  1. I have a young pigeon about 6 weeks old who was rescued from a construction site when he was 2 weeks old. At about 3 weeks he began to peck at food and eventually was able to take in about half of what he pecked at. Recently, however, he has just been pecking and flicking his food away. Occasionally he will eat 1 or 2 sunflower seeds from my hand but then flicks the rest away. I still do hand (force) feeding with a fortified millet, pea, corn, sunflower mix. I also feed him pumpkin seeds, walnuts, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, grapes and blueberries in very small amounts a couple times a week. I have since cut down feeding him by hand to see if hunger would prompt him, but no. I mimick feeding by 'pecking' at the food with my forefinger and thumb which starts him pecking, but still he just pecks and flicks. I have tried breaking the food into smaller and smaller pieces and moistened it with no luck. I leave food and water available in his box at night and it looks like he has just moved much of it around but no significant amount seems gone by morning. He is otherwise very energetic and appears healthy. Any suggestions?