Young raven attacks man

We think we saw a young raven drop in at a farm outside Aberystwyth in mid Wales. I have tried to upload a photo but the file size was just too big.

We think it was a raven due to it's size (about 1 foot in length) and that it had been ringed with 3 blue rings (no-one would ring the thousands of crows around here!). We have seen and heard ravens on the hilltops overlooking the farm but never seen one down on the farm itself. It was clearly a youngster as there was still slight fluff on it's head and the fleshy beak gape was still apparent. The mother was not about as far as we could see but it was a strong flyer. Your thoughts?

Also it then dive-bombed my husband twice on his head with it's claws out - it didn't land just scuffed the top of his head. My husband was at the time holding a large wing mirror (don't ask!) so whether this had attracted the bird if the mirror was reflecting the sunlight I'm not sure. Again your thoughts but we are glad to see that the ravens are being monitored in this area if this in fact what it was. Would love to share the 2 photos but they are just too big for the post here.

  • Hi, if you want to post your photos you can re size them to do that. Hit use rich formatting, then hit the little symbol that looks like a TV screen, then hit the option to load the photo/video from where you have it saved, once you pick the photo it will show in the box, above that there are two boxes that will have sizes in them, that is where you can change the size. Folks uses different sizes in both or one of the boxes, but if you put 500 in the first and leave the second empty and then post, that will give you an idea what it looks like and you can then play around to see what size you like. Good luck.

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  • I have tried what you said but the problem is the original file size is over 5120K due to the high resolution image. Changing the actual size of the photo didn't make any difference. 

  • Hello, I don't know if there is a way of sorting that out! Someone may be able to advise you.

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  • In reply to Nazwozere:

    As you've discovered it's not the dimension of the image that matters but the file size although the two can be related. Basically, you've got to find a way to reduce the file size so that it doesn't exceed 4 Mb - smaller is better because it will load quicker. How you do this may depend on your operating system or what software you've got installed.
    If you're on Windows 10 I think you can do it on the built in app Photos. Open the photo in the Photos app and click on the three dots (top RH corner) and choose resize then select one of the options. It will prompt you to save a copy.
    If you've got an external app like Photoshop Elements you can easily resize it there.
    I can't help with any other operating system I'm afraid.



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  • If it's taken by a digital camera and is still on the card, you can edit it from the camera. There's usually an option to trim or save for sending via email or similar.....
  • Hi are you using a PC or Apple for photo management? Some one might be able to guide you through picture resizing.



    See abve hopefully these are the right size now. Thanks for all your help.

  • Well done for getting the photos on. I'm slightly confused by 3 colour rings as I think the normal to do a mix of coloured rings and a metal BTO ring and their position on the legs indicate which study they are involved in ( I can't see a metal ring )


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  • In reply to Germain:

    Thanks for the info. I haven't been able to identify what project this is related to and it seems no official metal tags are present.
  • Thanks for posting the photos. Those rings don't appear to be a very professional job. I'm wondering if someone is missing their new pet. From those photos, it has more of a crow look to it.