Gray Partridge - male on his own

We have had a pair of Gray Partridge visiting our garden for the last 6 months ish. My daughter named them Patty & Paul because they came every day.  They both used to nestle down in our garden overnight but then about 3 or 4 weeks ago we started only seeing Paul. We’d hate to this that Patty has been predated. Could it be possible that Patty is on a nest somewhere even though Paul still comes to stay overnight on our garden? We have lots of fields to the back of us so hoped that she might be on a nest nearby. 

  • Sorry no one has replied. As they've declined so much, not sure how much knowledge of Grey partridges there is on here. The internet does suggest they can have a second brood, which this would have to be I should think if there was any incubating. Hopefully, it will show up again.