Starlings advice

Hi everyone . I am new to here and have been reading with interest all the similar issues and advice given on starlings. I would be very grateful for your advice . We moved to our home 3 years ago and have always had starlings nesting in our roof. Neighbours tell us that they have been flying in and out of our roof for years with the previous owner also so they are well established . Last year I paid for a guy to block the holes however they are very determined and still got in somehow. I know they are no longer nesting however at night I can still hear the constant scratching and I can see where they enter all day they fly in and out by ducking under the guttering. I would like my husband to block the entry again however I’m now worried we will ‘block them in ‘ as they seem to live there constantly. I would hate to block the hole and the hear them unable to get out ! This would be too distressing and I don’t know what to do . Any advice on the best time of day to do this ? Thank you !


  • Hello Nicola, the birds have obviously found somewhere that they like to nest. They will most likely have finished nesting, but you will have to leave well alone before cleaning out any nesting materials and trying to block up any entry holes. It is an offence to interfere with nests/boxes from when the first materials are taken in. You can do this later on in the year, in the back end, that is when you are allowed to clean out boxes and remove nests.

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  • Starlings allegedly can have two broods. I haven't experienced more than one each year thigh. Obviously blocking the entrance now is unlawful, and of course inappropriate. Have you thought about getting a starling nest box for them to use ext year instead? For this year, time to block the entrance is early Autumn. Most definitely not in the next days or weeks!