1. Pigeons have made a nest in my Passion flower, wouldn’t be a problem except it surrounds my bedroom window. They also built the nest partly from wire they stole from me when I was making a cover for my veg patch, but that’s another story. So I didn’t know much about pigeons and thought it was cute, I can see into the nest through my window, two babies have hatched and doing well. My Passion flower is thriving too but because of the nest I can’t train it back from the window, I’m worried that the parents might not come back and look after the babies, the light is fading... I really need to train it back but I’m getting conflicting advice from google as to wether I should or not regarding the pigeons. Apparently it could be another four weeks before they fledge and I’d really like to be able to see into my garden before then... would it be safe for the babies if I do it while the parents are away? obviously I’d leave the gap they fly in and out off.