Young magpie

I picked up a young magpie off a busy road yesterday and brought it home. It's very lively this morning, can I return it to where I found it?

  • Not the road, no! Only kidding. Not sure why you took it home. Would have been best to move it off the road and leave it somewhere safe there.
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    It was really still and quiet, I was worried it had been hit by a car and was stunned, so wanted to get it off the road to check it over, it's a main road leading to the M25, so very busy and I'd held up the traffic picking it up.
  • Ok, well done re doing that. Certainly sounds like you saved its life and that is one of the few exceptions that are made re handling young birds. You're also quite possibly right re it being stunned after being hit. If you think it might have been, obviously there's no point releasing it if it will not be able to fly.
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    I checked it over last night and no injuries, it's very vocal this morning and moving around the cage well, but it won't take food. Should I release it back or find a rehabber?
  • If it isn't injured, it should have been left away from the road yesterday. RE what to do now, I can't help as the advice isn't to take young birds home. No one will know if it can fend for itself, or if a common species that is shot in large numbers in this part of the country, will have any more luck in a rehab centre where you are. You will have better judgement on this than posters as you have the bird.

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    I've found a local rehabber that is going to take him/her, as she already has three youngsters.