Injured bird found - what to do?

Evening all,

I was out on a run and decided to go a bit further, along the main road I heard a little tweet and saw a little bird infrequently hopping about. With what appeard to be an injured wing. I ran past and left it, but I then felt guilty and went back to collect. It was picked up using my socks as I had nothing else handy and carried home. 

It had a small amount of blood on the sock and on its leg when I looked, so it was definitely Injured. 

It's currently in a box with some holes for air and some towels for comfort, but im unsure what to do. I know there are huge cuts with the covid-19 outbreak, but what would be the most ethical thing?

My only idea was to release it Into a nearby park or a closer cemetery to where it was found. Most of the area around is dense with houses and main roads, so I wouldn't feel comfortable letting it back onto the pavement. What else could be done? 

Really appreciate your help/advice :)


    Sorry this is all I can offer but I am guessing you will have probably have read it. Hopefully someone else will come along and be of more help.

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • You could try this to see if there's any help near you, I know some are open, you could ring for advice ...


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  • Hi! This little guy is just a baby so please please do not release him he has likely fallen from his nest. Try to find a local rehabber in your area I’d be happy to help you find one if you need? He’ll need to be fed every few hours by an experienced rehabber ASAP
  • In reply to Brittanyk:

    Good morning.

    I did have a quick look and my assumption was that he's a little fledgeling blackbird

    We've phoned up and found that Carol and Ray gravenor from Caerphilly bird rescue are going to take the little chap in. Should be meeting them very soon.

    A little upsetting that it's going to be away from home, but so long as its taken care of.

    Still rustling around in its box so we're hoping itll be on to a good recovery

    Thank you all for the above advice. Even though I'm going through some tough patches with these tough times I'll be making a donation to the rspb for having such a helpful and responsive community and to the sanctuary for taking him in and doing a good job.

    Thanks all!
  • Thanks for letting us know, hoping the little bird makes it!


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