Robins in the garden shed

A couple of robins have started to build a nest in our garden shed. I do not want to disturb them or touch the nest, however I am concerned because the shed is due to be repaired/replaced by our landlord at some point in the next few months and I don't know how long they will be in there. 

The other concern is my 7 year old football mad son is always kicking around in the garden and the ball, at times will hit the shed. It's a small garden, I cannot ask him to stop playing, nor can I tell him to play somewhere else. 

Is there a way of moving them or enticing them somewhere else? If i get a bird house and put it in the shed, is there a chance they'll move into that? I don't want to shoe them away and now I know that they are in there, we of course will be as careful as possible. If we took the nest and moved it into a bird house, would that be a bad idea?

Any advice?

  • Hi EM94

    All wild bird species, their eggs and nests are protected by law. Birds, much like all other animals, have the right to breed in peace, without risk to their home or family. The onus is on us to find ways to conduct activities in ways that do not disrupt nesting birds during this time.

    Wild bird protections in brief

    Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, it is considered breaking the law if a person…

    Intentionally kills, injures or takes wild birds
    Intentionally takes, damages or destroy a wild bird’s nest while it’s being used or built
    Intentionally takes or destroys a wild bird’s egg
    Possesses, controls or transports live or dead wild birds, or parts of them, or their eggs
    Sells wild birds or puts them on display for sale
    Uses prohibited methods to kill or take wild birds
    Intentionally or recklessly disturbs any wild bird listed on Schedule 1 while it is nest building, or at a nest containing eggs or young, or disturbs the dependent young of such a bird
    The consequences for the above, even in the event of harm to a single bird, nest or egg, is an unlimited fine, up to six months in jail or both. Suffice to say, it is certainly not a risk worth taking.


    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)