Dead robin chick in nest

Good morning, I sadly discovered that the little nest I had been watching in my garden every morning now contains a dead check. The parents haven't removed it and don't seem to be about anymore even though they were here everyday bringing food to the chick. I'd like them to be able to use the nest again, should I remove the chick and if so do I have to wear gloves or do something to avoid putting human smell on the nest. I must say say that the stress of these times made me absolutely sob when I discovered the bird. It had been such a joy every morning to see the birds flit around in the garden and it just broke my heart.... I would love to attract another bird family if possible.


  • Sorry about the chick. What happened to the others? Early breeding like this can often cause problems. Been frosts here several mornings running (apart from today). Despite temptation otherwise, nests need to be left til Autumn.
  • Hi, there weren't any others. There is another egg that slipped to the edge of the nest that is still there. Does this mean they won't try again this Spring?
  • Only laid two eggs? Or infertile eggs removed from nest? Maybe the male got predated very early on. Robins will have other attempts, so long as they are still around. May or may not be the case in this example.
  • So sorry to hear and so sad. I made the same discovery last night and it’s upsetting. We’ve got a robins nest behind our shed, built in a bulk bag that was tucked away. The robin had 4/5 eggs and 3 hatched. One died quite early and was outside the nest (just noticed this today) the other two have no movement. I think they hatched last Wednesday. They were being looked after well and the parents are still in and out of our garden. The nest was well sheltered and would not have been too hot as it’s in a cool place, the only possibility would be that it was too cold. Is this likely?
  • Being too cold is not likely unless the parent had been predated. Sounds like there were issues with the nest (or at least the parent birds) as to have only two chicks from a very early stage seems low. Could the two adults be one parent and one new visitor? I have at least four in the garden, though there is a clear boundary where the back garden starts.