What is best to feed nesting crows?

  • I moved last year and made friends with a family of local carrion crows. I think last year they only brought out their baby as a fledgling for the first time around July, but maybe that was just when they felt it was safe to introduce him/her to me. Either way, I may be early asking this but I have seen a lot less of the mum lately and wonder if she’s nesting already, and if so what is best to give to them to take to her? Fat balls? Peanuts? I would like to give them what’s best for them. I do make them an occasional omelette. 
  • Hi Loui, Carrion Crows will eat a variety of foods including eggs (they will raid birds nests for eggs too).
    Between March and September I would avoid putting out whole peanuts unless they are in a dedicated feeder in case birds, including smaller birds fed them whole to chicks who could choke on them. Best to crush them down into smaller pieces. I used to make raw pastry (no salt) with plain, wholemeal flour, lard add a few crushed nuts, you can add a small amount of grated mild cheddar cheese to it or seeds or suet pellets; mix together with just enough water to bind the pastry together so it is not too sticky (add more flour if necessary). They will also enjoy tin of dog food, dried mealworms which have been soaked for a few hours first. Scraps such as chicken (raw or cooked minus bones) but do not put out any fats which have come from roasts as it is bad for birds. Hope that helps.


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    Thank you so much, that’s really helpful. :)