Peanuts being ignored by birds

Sorry if this has been asked before but I’m wondering if I should just give up on putting out peanuts? they never get touched & I just end up throwing them out! 

is there a way of encouraging the birds to try them? 
should I offer them in a different way (currently whole in a mesh feeder) or just give up? 

thanks in advance 

  • Often a problem Carly, I don't put them out any more as they just sit there & go mouldy ... one way to use up your stock ... make up pastry using plain flour, pure lard, no salt, mix with splash of water til firm but not sticky then mix in ground up peanuts ... roll into balls or put in slabs & firm up in fridge, use ball or flat feeder ... birds usually love this!


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  • Hi Carly, I feed whole peanuts in feeder and they are always eaten, although I have read on here that many folk feed them and the birds will not touch them. A good tip from Wendy, try crushing them and adding to home made pastry, they love it! You could also add seed, suet, dried fruits [currants, sultanas, raisins], grated cheese.

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