Early blackbird eggs


We live in London Zone 2 and were overjoyed last year to have a blackbird nest on our balcony. She had two sets of eggs and most of them hatched and survived.

We thought she wouldn't return but we found she has returned this year. She has already laid two eggs which seems very early. Are there any suggestions of how we can help if the weather turns cold? Any food that is good to leave out? We don't go out on the balcony when the birds are there to give them a bit of space. 

Thank you!

  • Hi Tebby it is way to early I would have thought for any eggs to be successful and I don't think there is anything you could do to help.
    Can you get a photo of the nest even if it is on your phone?

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  • That's a shame :( it's quite sheltered and warm on our balcony. Thanks for your quick response!

  • I hope she does manage to be successful if we get a stable warm period, if you have something like suet pellets you could get on the balcony without disturbing her she may find them a help but it will be the heat I should think she will need for them to hatch OK.
    Let us know what happens.

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  • There are some facts here about nesting Tebby...you will need a month of good weather www.rspb.org.uk/.../

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  • The nest looks well protected from the rain, if the eggs do hatch I would keep putting out a regular supply of fresh food, blackbirds love live mealworms and these would be good for the young, if you could afford live ones you would have a friend for life and she would even get to know you.


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  • Some of my young being fed live mealworms in the garden.