Can you let me know how to upload/post some photos here

have got new set of long tailed tits, about 4 or 5 have started coming into feeder and pond, have photos of them thanks

  • Hi Anita welcome to the community.
    I see you have managed to post a photo of your lovely Long Tailed Tits, are you OK now or do you still want help?
    One thing I should do is go into your profile page and change your username from your email address.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Hi, thanks yes I noticed when asking the question I could add photos, am presuming this is how I send any over in future. Am trying to keep records as I completed the bird survey earlier this year, but these have just arrived in the garden in the past 2/3 weeks, have loads of house sparrows, blue tits, starlings (although they have departed now but back each year about 20/30 of them).

    Do I just upload photos at any time and do these get recorded? wasnt sure how this worked now I have registered, still new to the site.
    Thanks for your help though will do my profile page and details now.
  • Hi Anita
    You can upload photos on here at any time but they don't get recorded unless it is the the time for the RSPB annual bird count when you can send your sightings in.
    We all like to see photos of what birds and wildlife we are all getting in our gardens or out and about so feel free to post anything you want.
    The BTO do a bird count all year round where you can report your sightings and keep records but it is sin't free it's £17 per year

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