Exposed Blackbird nest with 2 babies

My neighbour has just had his hedge cut back quite dramatically and has exposed a blackbird nest which I can see from my first floor flat window. There appears to be 2 babies in it and the mum/dad are still visiting and feeding them and I assume it the mum who is sitting on the nest too. The nest is now inches away from the top and edge of the hedge and totally exposed.  I have some of the branches that have been cut from the hedge which fell into my garden. Should I intervene and lay the cut branches over the nest or leave alone and hope the parents don't abandon it or the weather or predators don't get them better of the babies.

  • Firstly it was wrong of the neighbour to cut hedges at this time of year. If the parents are feeding and attending to the young, leave well alone. Although your intensions are good to want to lay some of the cut branches, It may well spook the parents and they may then abandon the nest. At least just now they seem to be okay with the situation. At this time of year the babies should be getting big enough to fledge the nest, so fingers crossed all will be well.

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  • An adult won't be sitting on young that are close to fledging. Is it possible to upload a photo?
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    I thought myself it was illegal to disturb nesting birds including cutting hedges/trees that have nests in.