Sparrow with no tail feathers


i have a little sparrow who is always in my garden and can fly a bit but often is hopping around the shrubs. She has no tail feathers. She seems quite happy and very cute  she has a mate/friend that is usually with her too.  Luckily we have no cats as she may be more venerable. I think she is this years brood as I’ve only noticed her this summer. 

Picture - a bit fussy as it was taken on my phone and zoomed in! .  


  • Hi Zoe a lot of birds lose their tail feathers at this time of the year and don't have problems so it should be ok and they may grow back.
    It looks like a Dunnock (but could be wrong) and they spend most of their time flitting about on the ground, you will see them under bushes and shrubs.

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