Help to attract wildlife please

Good night for anyone, i m the owner of a small orchard in the village of Niguelas in Granada (southern Spain) which i m trying to convert on an interesting and attractive place for wildlife.

First trouble i ve found  i want to place there a bird feeder but there are some cats loitering over there and i m afriad they could attack bird as they stay on the feeder table...

  • There would have overflying some other threat for my future bird feeders, but they take part of the free laws of nature..

  • Hi David, I have only been to spain on holiday but I'm sure we have members who know more about this then I do, we could do with a picture of the orchard try for a wide shot, cats can be a problem but if you have trees and the cats can't climb on the branches then place the feeders near these, and there are poles to stop cats climbing onto the table they have to be high enough so they cant jump from a fence ground or any other place.

    The link you give to your flicker page can be placed in you Profile so you don't have to keep pasting it into you reply.

    Anyway, its nice to see you back on line and hope your ok and still getting out there with the wildlife.


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  • Morning David,
    Perhaps you could give these people a call?

    I've never spoken with them, but the manager is a friend of a friend of ours, and I know that he knows his birds and wildlife.

    Not exactly the same location as you, I think, but maybe they will be able to advise you?

    Best regards -
  • I would have thought keeping it as an orchard would be good for wildlife?

    If viable, adding a pond or two would clearly be good for wildlife.

    Nestboxes maybe.
  • In reply to James:

    Hi Jim , great hearing from you as always. Here you are some pics of the orchard and views from it. Facing east, there is a sort of microclimate created throughout the small orchard as the

    the rock wall manages to stop north winds when winter comes in and surrounding trees provide appreciated shades in summer time. You can see at the first pic the room where i am thinking

    to put bird feeders, may be to the right as far as possible from the rocky wall...which level could be correct for the feeder table? i was thinking about some 1,8 metres over the floor.

    Thanks for your help

  • In reply to Dave - CH:

    Good night Dave. I know them, i was visiting the spot you say some years ago and it was really amazing for birdwatching. But i am afraid they are ecosystem very different.In fact the orchard is placed in a mountain environment as you can see at the google pic i ve attached, just at the edge of a deep valley upon wich the village of Niguelas is placed.

  • In reply to Robbo:

    Thanks Robbo for your recommendations. In prevoius set with pics i ve just uploaded you can see ( i attach it again) a huge poplar tree where golden orioles are nesting every summer but i dont knonw what kind of nestbox could be right for them.

  • Morning David.
    Yes, quite a different environment at the Cañada. But they're very knowledgable and might be able to help you.

    I wish you the best of luck with your project.

  • Your welcome, sadly I can't help more David, and looking at a Golden Oriol's nest I don't think they would use an alternative but I could be wrong.

    Golden oriole nest.


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  • Thanks Jim, i have been looking for some information about nestboxes but i am afraid it doesnt work with Golden Oriol as you say. i ll start with conventional nestboxes for other bird species which usually nest in those kind of boxes. i ll research about it trying to know about their sizes and measures.